Cup Of Culture

Grab something positive 

Some may think that 2020 has been one of the worst years in their lives. So much devastation, heartbreak, sickness, despair. You would not be wrong in thinking this. It has been a hard year for so many people. We have not even had a chance to morn. We simply have not even had a chance to even take in the horrible year this has turned out to be. We will, in time. Right now there is something very important I want all of you to do.


Grab something positive. 


Take ONE thing with you into 2021 that you feel worthy. One thing that makes you happy. One thing that makes you smile. One thing that gets you pumped about getting out of bed in the morning even if so many other things don't.


That's what I want you to hold on to this week. We are entering a new year, and this new year is going to start out just as dark as the past year has been, but you need to hold on to hope that we are going to turn the corner in 2021. My passion for music has been sparked in a big way during this quarantine. Maybe it was because I was locked up, maybe it was also because I was feeling emotions I have never felt before, but I know I feel them for a reason and I am choosing to bring music with me into 2021 to help me tell a story. 


The story is still being written, and will continue to be written over this next year. I have something to hold on to, to learn from, and to grow from.


Grab something positive, and hold on to it.


Happy New Year everyone. 


Stay safe.